I am a UX researcher working for the iHub in Nairobi but I have had the opportunity to work with clients from different industries, organizations and countries. I love working with other design firms from around the world as it gives me opportunity to immerse myself in new processes used by these firms and even learn new skills that I can apply out in the field. One of the organizations I have had the pleasure of working with is IDEO.org.

I worked with IDEO.org on two different projects that they were running in Kenya.


I worked with the IDEO.org team on one of their amplify challenges. One of the teams that received funding from the challenge was in Kenya.

The challenge

How might we make low-income urban areas safer and more empowering for women and girls?

The solution

The winning team had a solution which involved running a campaign to engage men in urban slums in the fight against gender based violence. Essentially we had to verify if that was the right solution to the challenge and if so how best to implement it.

My role

  1. I helped to conduct and facilitate one on one interviews in the slum area of Kibera. This also included translating for some of the interviews.
  2. We built prototypes and part of my role was to think through and help build the prototypes. I also advised on some of the research methods to use.
  3. Finally I took part in the synthesis of learnings form out in the field.


during a synthesis session with the IDEO.org team and some of the participants


Another one of the projects ran by IDEO.org was on understanding post-harvest food loss. This was in a bid to understand how small-scale farmers experience post harvest loss and through that get to discover ways they can better improve their farming livelihoods.

My Role

The project involved travelling to rural Kenya to an area called Kambiti to meet small-scale farmers.

  1. I helped with interviewing of participants and where necessary I helped with translation as some of the farmers were communicating in vernacular.
  2. I also helped with synthesis of findings from the fieldwork sessions. Brainstorming through possible solutions with the team was something else I took part in.

It’s always interesting to work with teams from other organizations and countries. It opens up a learning relationship where each team can borrow from the other’s skills, experiences and culture. I have learnt some techniques from the IDEO.org team like the bean method mentioned here.


having a light moment with the team at the end of a good day

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